Victories for Employees

$201,896 Federal Judgement 2023

$32,398 settlement 2023

$35,000 settlement 2022

$13,000 settlement 2022

$23,680 settlement 2022

$165,000 settlement 2022

$90,000 settlement 2022

$85,000 federal jury trial verdict 2022

Wage & Hour Employment Litigation

Massachusetts employees are protected by some of the strongest timely payment of wages law in the Nation. Employers are required to timely pay employees. Terminated employees must be paid in full (including accrued benefits) for all earned wages on the day of termination. Even a direct deposit the day after termination is untimely and requires the employer to then pay three times the amount of the detained wages, plus reasonable legal fees. Owed $10,000 on the day of termination, or within a month of doing the work and not paid? Employer now automatically owes you $30,000, plus legal fees.

Attorneys at Jouret LLC have developed strategies for resolving these claims whether at the demand letter stage or through trial. We aim to pair our clients’ deep knowledge of the facts with our knowledge of the statutes and legal decisions as well as our effective tactical methods to bring about just outcomes.

Attorney Stefan Jouret and Attorney Michael Williams advocate for employees who have been wrongfully denied benefits and wages. If you are an employee who feels you have not been paid the proper wages, never lay down without a proper fight. Your employer must follow their obligations to employment law compliance, including all federal wage and hour laws (such as the Fair Labor Standards Act) as well as Massachusetts law.

Jouret LLC helps validate your employment wage and hour disputes, including surrounding the following issues:

  • unpaid overtime
  • unpaid commission
  • working off the clock
  • employee misclassification
  • break compliance
  • income withheld
  • minimum wage issues and more
  • No matter what your needs are, Jouret LLC is here for you.

Stefan represents employees that have been wrongfully denied wages and other benefits protected by state and federal law.  He has, for example, served as lead counsel in a putative class action case seeking benefits for some 7,000 state employees wrongfully denied benefits for many years.  In late 2022, he served as lead trial counsel in a single-client wage detention case tried before a federal jury, which returned a verdict of $85,000 in his client employee’s favor that should be trebled under applicable law with the costs of litigation and reasonably attorneys’ fees also shifted to the employer. Stefan has also handled a variety of other employment-related disputes, including a federal dispute involving state and federal trade secrets claims and a claim under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Employment Litigation Attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts

If you are looking for legal advocacy in or around Boston, Massachusetts, look no further than Jouret LLC. Attorneys Jouret and Williams offer you particular attention to detail, personalized focus, and collaborative care. They work together and use their years of combined experience to keep you informed every step of the way. Together, you can have a fair fight for the compensation you deserve.